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History of Floppy Disc and Reflected Infrared Therapy

The Soft Bite Floppy Disc has been a perennial product on the pet market for over 27 years.  Dogs obsess over the Soft Bite Floppy Disc because it flies perfectly and after they leap, catching it midflight, they can shake it with conquesting pleasure.

The members of Floppy Disc Mfg. are dog owners and after 27 years we have seen two generations of wonderful loving dog family members pass through our lives.  Rudy, Spirit, Brie and Bandit spent many wonderful years with us.

When injuries and age reduced the quality of life for our dogs we agonized over what to do.  We did the best we could with medical care and natural remedies but still felt like more could be done.  The senior years of a dog’s life are wonderful years with great understanding, love, and experiences.  We wanted to see if we could help.

We have been working on Helthy Heat products for the last 4 years.  We have tried to identify the most important and healing aspects of orthopedic beds and proven remedies.  Once we found the Helthy Heat fabric we knew we were on the right track.  The next step was to design the best orthopedic bed “ever.”  We will continue to follow with additional products in the Helthy Heat line that improve healing and the quality of our canine family members lives.

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Infrared detoxes your pet and fights the symptoms of aging. Studies have shown that infrared can pass deep into body tissue stimulating nerves to fight the neuropathy that causes weak back legs. If your pet does overheat or symptoms worsen all of the Helthy Heat products have a way to turn off the effect, giving you the complete control over how much reflected infrared therapy your pet receives.

Product Description

Helthy Heat Reflected Infrared products use NASA technology to passively reflect natural healing infrared rays back to the body to heal aching joints and stiff muscles. Our passive reflectivity works slowly, preferably during sleep, and does not overheat the animal. They are very portable and don't require any power.  We developed Beds, pads and blankets to cover all of the varying needs of pet owners.

Healthy Heat orthopedic Infrared bed