This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

What’s your return policy?

Helthy Heat products are currently being retailed by USA Pet Spot on  Amazon has a great return policy.  See return policy on

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, on our products can ship anywhere in the world that can accept deliveries.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps are available to answer your questions at 720-726-7811 from 0900 to 1600 Mountain time. You can also use the Contact Us link on the site.

How does Helthy Heat work?

Helthy Heat products reflect the infrared energy lost from the body back to its source. The body loses a lot of infrared heat in the lower far infrared range called Long Wavelength Infrared (LWIR).  This heat loss can be between 3 to 50 microns.  The average is from 4 to 14 microns.  This reflected infrared energy from the Helthy Heat Fabric can penetrate up to 6 inches back into the body to assist the body in healing and detoxifying.  Studies have shown that infrared increases blood flow, profusion, and cellular metabolism.  The wonderful thing about reflected infrared therapy is that it reflects the most heat back to the areas of the body that are generating the most heat.  It does all of this passively without electricity or LEDs. Thermal photography has shown that areas of inflammation and pain generate more heat than the rest of the surrounding tissue.  Helthy Heat reflects the infrared back to where it is needed most by the body to heal.

How do I know it is working?

The Helthy Heat products work by reflecting Far-infrared back to your dog in the LWIR range.  It reflects it back to inflamed areas to increase blood flow, increase profusion into cells, and increase cellular metabolism. The infrared energy also stimulates the nerves and the profusion helps the body detox. This is all achieved passively while the dog is resting or sleeping on the bed, pad, or blanket.  We don’t reflect visible light so that your dog will stay cool during the healing process. Our goal is for your dog to feel less pain in muscles and joints, as well as be more active.  Infrared helps the body heal itself. You know your pet and the history of its symptoms; and you will know if they are improving. One of the most common signs of improvement is that the dog sleeps more deeply and likes staying on the bed. We also find that dogs can get up and move around more easily with a noticeable increase in tail wags. We have also found that skin and “elbow compression sore” issues improve. We have tested the fabric ourselves on bad backs, sore knees, swollen legs, and just the other day on a swollen twisted ankle – we can tell you that it works.

What is the Helthy Heat Fabric?

The Helthy Heat fabric consists of gold mylar mirrors mounted to a substrate fabric. Gold reflects up to 98% of infrared energy without reflecting visible light. Not reflecting visible light helps keep the animal cool while they are getting the benefit of the reflected infrared. The mirrors are round and leave room between them for air to pass through the fabric. This breathability helps keep your dog cool.

How do I use Helthy Heat Products?

All Helthy Heat products are designed to be next to the surface of the body to passively reflect lost infrared energy back to the source to help the body heal itself. The closer to the skin surface the more infrared energy is reflected. Helthy Heat products can still be effective with bedding or clothing between the Helthy Heat Fabric and the skin, it’s just that the effect may be reduced proportionately.

Helthy Heat blankets are designed to lay over the dogs existing bedding or used to apply treatment to a specific place on your dog.

Helthy Heat pads are designed to be used as temporary or portable padding. The pads can also be used as a crate pad. The pads can also be placed on top of the dogs existing bedding to add additional breathability and padding.

Finally, the Helthy Heat Orthopedic Bed is designed to passively reflect infrared back to the body while your dog sleeps.  The bed has an orthopedic design that supports the body evenly with no acute compression areas.

How long can you leave the Helthy heat products on?

Helthy Heat products reflect low levels of the body’s own infrared and have no set treatment time. They can be left on as long as the dog is comfortable. Sometimes environmental conditions can add to the effect of Helthy Heat products to make the animal uncomfortable - for example a hot day. If the dog is uncomfortable simply remove or turn off the Helthy Heat product.  The blanket can be removed to turn it off, the pad can be turned over to turn it off, and the bed layers can be turned over to turn off the beds infrared effect.

Do you have to have an introductory period?

Helthy Heat products do not have an introductory period.  However, if the animal is uncomfortable in any way discontinue using the Helthy Heat product.  Check to see if the dog is getting too much heat from added environmental heat.  Finally, you can re-introduce the Helthy Heat product in short doses while watching for any signs of discomfort. You can increase the treatment times to maximum effect. Remember the pad and bed can still be used with the effect turned off.

How do I turn off the Helthy Heat effect?

Helthy Heat Blanket can simply be removed.

Helthy Heat Pad can simply be turned over to the ultra-breathable side.

Helthy Heat Orthopedic Bed can be turned off partially or completely.  The bolster can be turned over and re-clipped on to shut off the effect.  The top of the bed can be unzipped, turned over and re-zipped back on with the ultra-breathable side up.

How long do the Helthy Heat products work?

Helthy Heat products are designed to help senior animals that are experiencing the aches and pains of aging.  During this time, they can be used as needed, or, continually through the senior years.  Helthy Heat products can also be used for treating specific muscle strains, injuries or recovery issues to shorten recovery time.  In this case use as needed and discontinue when animal has recovered.

Can you use Helthy Heat products when there are no visible symptoms or injuries?

Absolutely, Helthy Heat increases blood flow, profusion, and cellular metabolism. This effect can help the body fight the early insipient stages of age related illnesses.  The detoxifying effect of Helthy Heat can improve overall health.

What if the Helthy Heat product causes increased swelling of an injury or inflamed area?

Discontinue and see if the swelling decreases.  If not, always check with your animal’s health care provider to see if the animal’s recovery is not normal and needs additional diagnosis. Your Veterinarian can give you recommendations for the best time to use infrared or heating treatments. Some customers have had success with alternating infrared and cold treatments in the early stages of an injury or recovery period.

How long do the Helthy Heat products last?

Helthy Heat products are built to the highest standards we can achieve.  They are designed to last for many years with normal use.

Can Helthy Heat be used with magnets, liniments, or other treatments?

Yes, in most cases Helthy Heat complements other treatments.  However, if there are any signs of discomfort or negative effects, discontinue use of the Helthy Heat product.

How do I clean Helthy Heat Products?

Helthy Heat blanket can be washed on gentle and air dried.  It can be dried in a dryer on gentle but repeated mechanical drying can weaken the batting.

Helthy Heat pad can be hand washed, shaken out, and then air dried. The breathable poly mat on the inside of the Helthy Heat pad does not hold water very well so most of the water will drain out of the pad.

The Helthy Heat Bed is designed so that the bed pad can be removed and cleaned by hand washing it, shaking it out and letting it air dry. Under the pad is a waterproof breathable barrier that can be wiped off. The bolster can be wiped off, rinsed and allowed to air dry.

Does Helthy Heat Guarantee their products?

Currently Helthy Heat is sold on and is protected by Amazon’s return policy.  We warranty any manufacturing defects with refund or replacement for six months. We evaluate each complaint about effectiveness individually.  For quality assurance, we want to know if the product was used incorrectly, if we did not describe the product and its uses correctly, if we need to change our product instructions, or if there is an application where Helthy Heat is not effective. Our goal is healthy dogs and satisfied customers.

Can I return Helthy Heat Products?

See the return policy on

What if my dog does not like the Helthy Heat Product?

We have found that a few dogs take a little time to fall in love with their new bed or pad.  We have had great luck putting a favorite blanket or sheet over the Helthy Heat product until your dog gets used to it.  If you keep a sheet over the Helthy Heat product it will still work, the effect will be slightly reduced.

Can Helthy Heat products affect injections or medical treatments?

In most cases no. But, let your pet’s health care provider know that your pet has a passive reflective infrared therapy system. Your Vet will make recommendations for continuing or temporarily discontinuing your Helthy Heat product.

How do I measure for Helthy Heat products?

Helthy Heat Blanket: Choose the size you need.  The small blanket works great for adding treatment to a specific area.  If you want to put the blanket over your dog’s existing bedding, we recommend getting the size a little larger so you can tuck the edge in.

Helthy Heat pad:  Follow the sizing chart.  Then usually it is better to error on getting the pad a little larger because the dog does not always center themselves on the pad.

Helthy Heat bed: Follow the sizing chart.  If your dog is heavy or likes to sprawl, choose the larger size.  Because the bed has a bolster to snuggle up next to, sprawling is usually reduced.

Where are Helthy Heat products made?

They are proudly made in Boulder Colorado USA.